&nbsp Tia Wulf is the God of all Gods that ever were and ever will be. Bow down to Him, worship Him, love Him,


Human LifeEdit

Please see

Current State of HellEdit

"Right now Hell, located directly under Tartarus, is a warm and toasty 122 degrees, the water in the World Pool is at an exquisit 92 degrees, No need to look out for rain down here, and best of all these conditions are expected to last until the End of Time! " - weather report from Hell.

Current State of HeavenEdit

"Up here the sun is shining constantly and everything is so white I've gone completly and permantly blind! With an air temp and 75 and and the water at 80, it's a nice era in Heaven, espicialy for it's 12 residents." - weather report from a visiting reporter. there are no reporters living there, repoters inviade peoples' privacy, which is a sin, therefor cannot live in heaven, But under the rein of Tia Wulf, they ave been allow short visitation periods. with more people accualy seeing how Heaven really is, which is not what most people think, its populatirty is quickly diminishing. As proof of this, there used to be 15 residents, Now, two have moved into Hell, by willing choise of coarse.

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